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Horray for ignoring Karen! I'm sorry, but strong Pokemon are my favorites. Weak Pokemon are cute and all, but just not appetizing to me...

1. poison: Nidoking <3<3<3
2. rock: Rhyperior <3<3
3. fire: Blaziken
4. electric: Luxray (strangely enough, the only type where one of my top 6 was NFE, which was Magneton, my third favorite Electric Type)
5. bug: Heracross
6. ghost: Sableye

Now, lets see... Need to trade for Sableye, Blaziken, and Nidoking, because I don't want to have to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex first, and I don't have Sapphire.

One question: When I'm trading my eggs, are Egg moves allowed?

Also, for Ace Dragonite: Take Water, Psychic, Grass, Bug, Flying, and Rock