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Hmm… that makes sense I guess, and I suppose it means I can't evolve Onix either.

Well, regarding the Electabuzz, what if I prefer Electivire, but I don't know if I'll be able to evolve him??? :confused:
If Electabuzz was on your list in the same spot Electric was assigned to you, then no. That's like...okay, I have Venonat as my first fave bug. Venomoth isn't even in the top 6, so why would I evolve it? The point is to use favorites. Another example is that I have Combusken and Blaziken in my top 6 fighting types. If I had been assigned Fighting as my 4th type (where Combusken is on the list), I wouldn't be able to evolve it, even though Blaziken is in my top 6. Make a little more sense?

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