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Okay, here's the deal...I figured I'd get a start on my challenge, y'know maybe the first 2 gyms....6 hours later I've finished Blue. I'm thinking I'll try to put 1-2 gym's worth of update per day. Starting now.

I started with Squirtle, because it'd make a good HM slave, not because it'd leave my rival with a grass type, that'd just be cheap...anyway I intentionally lost the rival battle at the beginning. After going to Viridian City and collecting/delivering Oak's Parcel I went out and caught myself a Rattata and Pidgey (I'll start nicknaming things in Gen II, promise) and dumped the turtle in a computer.
10 metapods later I was ready to fight my rival seriously for the first time, Rattata took down his Pidgey no probs, although Pidgey struggled a bit against Bulbasaur, I forgot Gust was normal type in Gen I. With the rival soundly thrashed I continued onwards, towards Pewter City, and the first gym battle of my journey.

Leader Battle: Brock
Rattata Lv.10 Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack
Pidgey Lv.10 Gust, Sand Attack

I thought long and hard about how I was going to handle Brock, after all, every attack my 'mons learned was not very effective against his rock types. So I decided, instead of focusing on dealing massive damage to him, I'd focus on preventing him from hitting me, I felt kinda cheap for doing it but I had Pidgey open the fight with sand attack until his Geodude's accuracy hit its minimum, Pidgey then used gust repeatedly until Geodude fainted. Pidgey leveled up. I continued this tactic vs Onix, although I did try to change things up. After Onix's accuracy dropped I switched Rattata in and tail whipped it until it's defenses were shot to hell, unfortunately it's accuracy was still good enough to hit Rattata with Bide, causing it to faint. Pidgey went back out and finished it off. Pidgey leveled up again.

I headed east towards Mt. Moon, easily defeating all the trainers who challenged me. I entered a tunnel which lead through to the next city, immediately after entering I turned to the left and found a TM, it contained water gun, a strange move to put in a tm I thought...nonetheless it was better than nothing in a cave full of geodudes, so I taught it to Rattata, several trainer battles later Pidgey or should I say Pidgeotto had evolved and Rattata had learned Hyper Fang. A lucky critical hit from a Raticate belonging to a member of Team Rocket took Pidgeotto down, but fortunately, Rattata was easily strong enough to get through the rest of the cave.

Upon arriving in Cerulean City I healed up in the local pokemon center and headed north, there was something I needed to take care of before I challenged the gym here. After a brief battle with my rival, Rattata once again showing his awesomeness, I found myself confronted with a challenge, the "Nugget Bridge" trainers, they were easily enough to dispatch, and Rattata even evolved part way through the challenge, great! At the end of the bridge I recieved my reward, and was told I should join Team Rocket, one one-sided fight later I continued on my way, several trainer battles later I arrived at a small house, I entered and found a strange pokemon, after a brief moment of shock I discovered this pokemon was in fact a researcher who screwed up a teleportation experiment. After sorting out his problem I recieved a ticket for the SS Aqua in Vermillion City.

More later, although I might just summarize, less effort.