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    Originally Posted by Amine View Post
    i found out a bug with teddiursa : in the Box teddiursa event is actually houndoor event because when we put in the party we got a lvl houndoor .

    I opened up your project in rpg maker 2003 and i saw the teddiursa event in the pokébox map and i remarqued that it is 100% similar to the hoondour event and that what makes the bug , anyway i fixed the thing in my version because i really wanted an ursaring in my team .
    Ah, fixed.
    I better put up instructions for other people.
    If you have RPGmaker 2003

    Start RM2k3, open SPEE, click on the Systems folder(from inside RM2k3) click on the PokeBox map.

    double click on the teddiursa, go to the first Variable Operation(second line) Click space bar/edit, reaplce the 32 with a 37. Do the same for the second page.

    A temporary fix is to battle Ursaring with only 3 pokemon, so teddiursa will join the party instead of going into the box.

    Originally Posted by Sage Harpuia View Post
    Oh, how many probabilities there are that
    -I get a wii
    -prism beta out
    -super pokemon eevee edition beta out,
    because it just happened to me...
    however, awesome as always, darkdoom...
    Thanks :)

    Originally Posted by Forbidden1 View Post
    uhhh tyrogue is a normal/flying type?
    Fixed, Don't worry, That's just a text label- Tyrogue is still has fighting type attributes. It's just that I forgot to change the label.

    Originally Posted by XmasterchiefX View Post
    Finished the beta, it was very fun!!! but I could use moon stone on my weepinbell even thought it said that it needs to evolve with that, but anyway, this was my party:

    Eevee/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/Espeon/Umbreon Lvl 41
    Charizard Lvl 40
    Feraligatr Lvl 38
    Weepinbell Lvl 70!! Really, but I dont know how, it was like lvl 45 and I saw my party and it was 70.... I was like WTF! but anyway......

    Really good beta!!!
    wow, impressive team!
    Weepinbell evolves with a leaf stone(which isn't avalible in the demo), i forgot to change the text to leafstone. If you want a leafstone badly enough, use the ManMan2000 minigame. Rank A items are Evolution stones, rare candies and rare stuff. If you do find a rank A item, go to the Pokecenter, save then do the manman export. if you don't get a leaf stone, reset. and try again.

    I pinpointed the reason for a superleveled weepinbell. It happened when you defeated chicorita. Normally, the caught pokemon will level up a set amount.- To be somewhat close to your team's level. But I forgot to change the levelup to apply to chikorita. Instead it leveled up bellsprout up 25 levels. lol.
    Slow progress, ive got 3 tests next week. :/

    I'm going to add a... golden saucer type of thing.
    It will be a amsument park of sorts.
    Rainbow Tower or something like that.

    It has 7 levels.
    Prize Zone
    Constest Zone
    Battle Zone
    Maze Zone
    Racing Zone
    Saffari Zone (no- you won't keep the pokemon you catch)
    Recpetion Zone

    You do minigames and stuff to get points to spend on prizes.
    Version 0.753 is out
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