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Sowwy Zammy that I havent been paticipating in my challenges... With the room switching and new comp and all =/
Now I would like to start from a clean table! MAH TYPE SHALL BE PSYCHIC AND THE GAME SHALL BE YELLOW!

-I started
-Named myslef NIKO (Mah name) and the rival GARY
-Got peekachew
-Pounded Gary to the ground
-Got to Viridian without a SINGLE fight due to my awesome psychic skills!
-Delivered the parcel
-Got to Pewter
-Beat Brock easily with the Tail Whip Growl combo
-Got to Cerulean and died... Had to start from Mt. Moon's Pokécenter T_T

-Tried to capture Abras. but failed miserably due to them teleporting T_T
-Bought 40 pokéballs and thought that this is it.
-Captured an Abra with the first ball -.-
-Named it Abba and trained it to lvl 16
-Abba evolved
-Gave it a Rare Candy
-Boxed the super awesome Peekachew
-About to face Misty


Abba, the lvl 17 Kadabra <_<
-Confusion xD

Just have to show my Peekachew! Srsly!

Lvl 27 Pikachu
Tail Whip
This thing was one hitting everything that was not named Geodude or Onix
"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish preception of people. Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best."
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