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    After saving Bill from his own stupidity I encountered a member of Team Rocket hiding out in someone's backyard, after I defeated him he gave me a TM because...well, I don't know why but I'm not complaining. I taught the new move Dig to Raticate and headed south to get my next team member, Meowth.

    I headed back to Cerulean, and entered the gym. Meowth got a couple of levels from the trainers and then...

    Leader Battle: Misty
    Raticate Lv.22 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
    Pidgeotto Lv.20 Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
    Meowth Lv.12 Scratch, Growl, Bite

    Meowth started off but switched out immediately for EXP, Pidgeotto switched in and spammed Quick Attack to take Staryu down. Starmie defeated Pidgeotto with one BubbleBeam, enter Raticate. As with every other trainer so far, Misty no likey da Hyper Fang.

    I headed south to Vermillion City and the SS Aqua, trainers were beaten, inconvenient crits were had, rivals' Raticates were murdered for their inferiority, and HMs were acquired. I defeated the trainers at the gym and trained Meowth up to Lv.24 before taking on the leader.

    Leader Battle: Lt. Surge
    Raticate Lv.24 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
    Pidgeotto Lv.24 Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
    Meowth Lv.24 Scratch, Screech, Bite, Pay Day
    Bellsprout Lv.10 Cutslave

    Pidgeotto took Voltorb down with Quick Attack spam, got a couple of Sand Attacks off on Pikachu before being ThunderShocked out...Raticate Dig swept the electric mice...

    Next time! Rock Tunnel and Celadon City.