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So my next update in my Sapphire Grass Monotype challenge.

After i almost losed to Kyogre, his ice beam sweept almost my whole team.
I grinded under the sea my team to level 45
I walked in the gym and i falled trough the ice and must beat a trainer.
After i beated all the trainers with Tropius and Vileplume i puzzeld how to beat the puzzle.
After 10 minutes i finally get it and walked to Wallace and kicked his ass.
I healed and surft my way to Evergrande city!
I catched a Gyarados with my masterball and teached it Waterfall
I searched on some sites and saw i only need Strenght, Rock smash and Surf so my newest slave Lombre could do it.
But don't looked at some words, with Flash and waterfall it's simple.
So now i'm stuck in the pitch black darkness without Waterfall and Flash. Without an Escape rope...

And now finally my powerfull force:

Sceptile 'Blade'
lv 46, Softsand
- Slam
- Earthquake
- Leaf blade
- Aerial ace

Breloom 'Spore'
lv. 45, Amulet coin
- Mega drain
- Headbutt
- Sky uppercut
- Leech seed

Vileplume 'Flower'
lv. 45, Macho brace
- Absorb
- Posion powder
- Petal dance (deleted Sleep powder by accident)
- Sludge bomb

Tropius 'Bronto'
lv. 45, No item
- Fly
- Magical leaf
- Body slam
- Steel wing

Cacturne 'Needle'
lv. 45, Black glasses
- Cut
- Needle arm
- Faint attack
- Pin missle

And my Dive, Surf, Rock smash, Sternght slave Lombre (Who i sometimes use to face fire types.)