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Great update

vs giovani
rhyhorn Surfed with tauros
rhyhorn Surfed with snorlax
dugtrio another surf from kanghaskhan
Nidoqueen psychich and water pulse with wiglituf
Nidoking the same psychich and water pulse

vs lorelei
rock slided and brik breaked
snorlax body slamworks
snorlax thunder
killed raticate butt rock slided with kanghaskhan
tauros earhquake

vs bruno
the two onix were surfed by kanghas
dodrio drill peck defeated him and hitmonchan
dodrio drill peck and wiglituff psychich destroy him
vs agatha
two gengars got psychic haunter too
snorlax thundered
tauros earth quaked that pesky

vs lance
Tauros used two eartquakes for first the second was defeated by snorlax body slam
ratty blizard freeze him soo antoher blizard knock it down
snorlax thundered
critical ratty iron tail

vs blue
kang rock slided two times
snorlax thundered him (again)
that anoying guy took a few earthquakes
wiglyuff waterpulsed two times
tauros used strenght to defeat him
dodrio drill pecked him for the victory


Ratticate lv 63:hyper fang super fang blizard iron tail
dodrio:lv60:drill peck fly tryattack steel wing
tauros lv 59:earhquake surf fire blast strenght
kanghaskan lv 58:surf rock slide dizzy punch brik break
wiglituff lv56:water pulse body slam psychic shock wave
snorlax lv 62:thunder rock tomb body slam surf
to johto i wiil use crystal i will update thursday
mariano rajoy when he saw 5th generation pokemon