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    Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
    Wow, this looks great. I'm very impressed with the graphics, as they do an excellent job showing off different environments. Some of the best I've seen, without a doubt.

    The story also sounds impressive. I'm rather pleased I haven't yet spoiled it for myself, so I don't know if it lives up to the summary, but from what I've gathered it has the potential to be incredibly interesting. Certainly far more interesting than the official games, anyways.

    I'd also like to mention that the fakemon look great. Can't wait to seem them all in the game itself. For some reason, I'm not sure about the backgrounds. They look great, but they seem to somehow clash with the in-game screens. Of course, a lot of games I love have that feel (fire emblem, for one), so it's no biggie.

    Anyways, it looks great thus far and I can't wait for the demo/beta update to be released. In the mean time, I guess I'll give the current one a shot.

    Good luck, and stick with it. If this died, I'm sure many would die a little inside.
    I won't give up that easily ;). Nice, constructive reply by the way. You won't have to wait that much for the next demo!!

    Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
    I've tried playing the demo but it keeps telling me that the game can still be played but the look of the game's text will not be optimal. Despite this I can't start the game because it keeps telling me that the game's text won't be optimal.

    Then it tries to download the font but it keeps saying they weren't installed...
    That demo isn't supported anymore, you have to install the fonts that came in the fonts folder manually then.

    Originally Posted by Asperyules View Post
    I like the demo !
    Story and pokemons are so good.Graphics are so good.I can't wait for the next release :)
    Thanks you :)

    Originally Posted by kujika View Post
    walking is a bit uneven, game seems to freeze for a short time every few steps

    System menu doesn't seem to work, after losing once (at least I pressed ESC for a veeery long time, after that dude killed my poke :().

    Well those were the worst bugs, I'll write again once I played for 2 hours^^

    Battle system is amazing, just wanted to tell you *_* The only thing is,
    the trainer's body gets sliced in half when he throws the pokeball xD

    And the beginner trainers are a tad too strong...
    All these graphics are outdated you know, the next demo will be even better! Believe me ;p.

    Well guys, I know this seems like a Malachite ripoff, but now you can vote on the type of the fakemon you want to see! The peculiarity though is that you will get all information needed about the fakemon, like moves, description, how to evolve, where to catch etc. That seems like a nice way to make the online "pokedex" that some people already suggested me to do!

    So, start voting now!
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