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Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
hmmm.... with all that have been said, now I'm looking forward to it much more! :3

BTW, can I use the screenshot in your sig? I'll use it in my sig too! To show my support
on Pokemon Lilac. :)
Go for it - Take your pick from the screenshots :P

Originally Posted by dragoniteuser View Post
Looks great... love the tiles and the sprites, excpecially the hero's ow!
Keep up the good work!
Thanks for that :)

Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
Woah. DrFuji! This looks great! I loved the video with Giovanni in it. I do have a question, Is the house next to your starter house (In the video) the lab? Or your rival's house?

Good luck! If I could create banners for this one, I would. Unfortunately, I do not have photoshop any longer.D:

Again, best of luck, I'll be supporting.
I'm glad you found your way here XD

Yeah, that is region's lab because the rival's home town isn't the same as your own. Don't worry about banners or anything - Your support is enough :D

Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
Love pretty much everything about this hack; definitely one of, if not the, best hacks currently floating about in Progressing Hacks. I would have one complaint, though:

In that screenshot all the mountains are grey; however, the small rock is brown. I don't know, that seems a wee bit inconsistent in my opinion. Either way, good luck Doctor Fujeh.
Oh you.

Hmm... You raise a pretty good point - I'll be fixing the rock soon Manipulashun.

Originally Posted by Blaziquaza View Post
This looks like an amazing hack. If the scripts match up this hack would probably be good enough to be Hack of The Year. Those graphics are brilliant.
I'm glad you think so, but that is nowhere near what I'm trying to do. I just want to have some fun and showcase it here but its still nice if you think that ;D

Originally Posted by ger345 View Post
Nice! I would like to see this hack progress, I suck at hacking! Im mea it! Im terrible! I can berely even change the maps! Ill be posting my hack up soon. Be sure t check out how much I fail!
Will do, but don't put yourself down!

------- (-o-) -------

Current status: Finishing off mapping of the third city/ town thing. Inserting scripts to come soon.

I'm not sure if I'll have access to internet for the next three days, so I might not be able to reply to anything, but I will be working on this during that time. Keep posting pl0x.
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