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    After defeating Lt. Surge, I headed back towards Cerulean city before going east to Rock Tunnel. Part way through the journey I ran out of inventory space and decided to use a Body Slam TM on Meowth, not much else happened. Trainers were battled, items were found, caves were navigated in the dark, Meowths were evolved, cut to Lavender town.

    I healed up and then started west towards Celadon City, avoiding most of the trainers on the way. Once I arrived I headed to a restaurant where a man gave me a coin case. With that out of the way, it was time to head to the gym.

    Leader Battle: Erika
    Raticate Lv.28 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
    Pidgeotto Lv.28 Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
    Persian Lv.28 Body Slam, Screech, Bite, Pay Day
    Bellsprout Lv.10 Cutslave

    Not much to say, Raticate swept her team with Hyper Fang.

    After a rather dissappointing gym battle, I headed to the game corner, spent all my cash on coins (damn, only 2100...) and after another easy battle headed downstairs to defeat Team Rocket. Several grunts and movement tile puzzles later I was face to face with the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Put simply, if you thought my battle with Erika was pathetic you are NOT going to like this. Raticate defeated Onix and Rhyhorn with Dig and Persian got lucky and defeated Kangaskhan in 2 hits with Body Slam.

    Item Get! Silph Scope.

    Next time! Pokemon Tower and Fuchsia City.