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    So, I started my monotype challenge on HG today--Electric! Enjoy my first day! (It's pretty long...) :D

    Started my game and isten to Prof. Oak babble. Then--yes! He asked me my name! Woah! I told him it was Sparky. He bought it. Then he hit me with his shrink ray and placed in my bed room. Such a bland rooom I have... So I went downstairs to see my Mommy. She gave me presnts! A bag, options, my ID, and the almighty ability to save. I have a cool mom Then she told Prof. Elm was looking for me. Creeper. I headed out the door and then GOT ATTACKED BY A MARILL! Get your off me! Then Crys came. Wait, what? You changed your name? Not cool, Crys. And stop dying your hair. I thought now would be a good time to do so, so I used my saving abilities. Some ability that is... all I did was take a nap on my door step. I tried to leave town but some lady stopped me. You're not my mother! Fine. I'll talk to this cool read head stalking Prof. Elm. All I did was say "Hi" and he kicked me! Son of a b***h. Well, time to visit my nextdoor pedophile! Prof. Elm talked some s**t too and then the phone wrang--no, that was his computer. He got an e-mail from Mr. Pokemon. Everyone uses big words here, "aquaintance?" He's your goddam friend, suck it up. Then he told me to pick a Pokemon. I knew this would only be a temporary one, but it still took a lot of thought. 3 seconds later I walked away with my Totodile. I went to talk to that ginger bully, 'cus now I had a tough blue crocodile to back me up. He still kicked me... Being run out of my own hometown I tried to leave, but Mom2 stopped me. Again. Lady, I am 10. I can take care of myself. I guess I have to visit my real Mom. Turns out it was a good idea--she gave me a PokeGear! And she taught me how to call someone. So sonsiderate you are Mom! Now the psycho lady who thinks I'm her son let me pass. But a couple steps out of town and Prof. Elm stops me! Now what? Your phone number? No! I don't give my number out to pedophiles. Guess I had no choice So I went west to Cherrygrove. I saw one wild Pokemon and killed it. Now in Cherrygrove some other old man wants to talk to me? And I have to follow him? Ever hear of stranger danger? Wow! He's a fast old f***er. So that's a Pokemon Center, that's a Poke Mart, that's Water, and now your showing me... your house? Are these games filled with rapists? Get your mind out of the gutter, Nintendo. And he gave me shoes. I will not be bribed for sex. I'm out of this town... but before I can leave, guess who needs to give me more stuff? Creepy-Old-Fast Man does! A map card? Why doesn't my damn PokeGear come with one? Sliph Co. seriously relies on child molesters to hand them out? Why not just give all the trianers iPhones? Then they can get any app whenever they want. Some more wild Pokemon laid to rest by my ferocious Totodile... and whats this house in the middle of the woods? Mr. Pokemon's, of course. Is he part of this pedophile league too? OMG! I'M SO SORRY! I didn't mean to walk in on you and Prof. Oak... um... yeah. It's ok though, you have an easter egg for me. No candy inside? Damn... Oh. and now you make me sleep? Did you watch me intently? Did you keep your pants on? I'm sure not... but now Oak has to chime in. You seriously don't recognize me? We met like... 15 minutes ago. And you give me a Pokedex? Is it Christmas? Everyone's giving me gifts... Well Oak left and I don't want to be alone with Mr. Pokemon so I left too. Prof. Elm's calling!?!? Stop it, creepers... I'm 10. What... it's an emergency? Oh no! That sounds serious. On m way back to the lab the meanie red head runs into me. You wanna fight? Oh... you do. Totodile totally owns his Chikorita. $500! Wow! I really could get an iPhone now! Yes, yes... you're great.. blah blah. Wait... how did I get your triner card? Ack! I'm sorry! I saw your name... oh no. Quick stop at the PC and it's off to New Bark Town! Gotta check on Prof. Elm and his "emergency." There's a cop! Who'd Elm rape now? Wait! I din't do anything! He's the sick-minded child molester! And I can't even talk to defend myslef. But Crys--I mean, "Lyra"--comes to rescue! Where's Marill? Anyways, she tells him it's really that red head a**hole. And the cop knows I battled him? Is he stalking me now too? Such a dirty place, Johto is. You want to know his name? He was some adopted kid cheaply named "Passerby Boy." So I get to name him? How about... Ampere. Ok, yes, good cop--go arrest him. That's all Elm, I don't want to play any of your dirty games. Let's go see mom! Save my money? Well... ok. Before I go I grab a quick snack in our little kitchen. A clean sink and a fridge full of water and lemonade. Never mind, I was hoping for some Pop-Tarts. Out west again and Brunette Crys wants to talk. Yes, jump around in the grass with your Maril. Glad your having fun. Wait... was I born 30 minutes ago? Everyone wants to teach me how to do everything... ooh, Pokeballs? Awesome! Merry Christmas to you too! Catch a random Hoothoot, and off to get my first electric pokemon to replace my starter.

    I went to breed the perfect Pichu egg (one with a Pichu inside) on Diamond. I got that so that it had almost 10 steps left to hatch and saved right before the union room. There was my starter!

    Traded Hoothoot for Jenna's egg and ran around a bit till it hatched into a beautiful... baby... girl! Congratulation's, it's a Pichu. Nice moveset too... hope that's not cheating. But I go on to train Volty (that's what I names her!). Found a level 4 Hoothoot, and even though she's level 1, she wiped the grass with Thunder! Few more Hoothoots and a Rattatta or 2 and she's ready to go. Sorry HM (as I named my Totodile earlier), it's time for Bill's PC for you. Where to next... Violet CIty, of course! On my way there. there were some weird little boys that tried to get my phone number. I'm sorry, but does Sparky come off that gay? Straight guys can wear V-neck hoodies and capris too. Finally in Violet City... Volty was kinda lonely, so I went south to Route 32 and caught Amph, the Mareep, for a companion. I was finally able to take on... the old guy at the top of the tower? That too... beat all those monks and their weeds. NOW I'm ready to beat the gym leader. The Jr. trainers were pretty easy, and Volty took out Falkner in a few short minutes. I got a badge! We just got a badge, we just got a badge, we just got a badge, wonder who it's from? Well Falkner isn't that bad 'cus he's like... 16. He had no intentions of raping me, so it's all good. Prof. Elm's calling agian? You wanna give me the egg back? Why didn't you just let me keep it? So I stop by the Mart to pick that up. Then some Kimono Girl comes and talks about something... telling me to take care of the egg and all. And this is where I call it a day! 1:38 and I have 2 pokemon, an egg, and a badge. Good start.