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OK, so I finished my Flying Challenge on Platinum ages ago. I was trying to get around to updating properly, but I never did and probably won't, so I'll just post my team.

Duffy (Drifblim) @ Spell Tag

Lvl. 57
- Shadow Ball
- Air Cutter
- Thunderbolt
- Explosion
Improved an awful lot once he got more powerful attacks like Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt under his belt. An average Pokemon, but one of my favourites.

Scorpula (Gliscor)
@ NeverMeltIce

Lvl. 58
Hyper Cutter
- Night Slash
- Dig
- Ice Fang
- X-Scissor
Scorpula's great, his speed, power and coverage came in great use when I just needed to hit something hard and fast. Ice Fang was a godsend, he single-handedly beat Garchomp.

Scramblore (Togekiss) @ Fist Plate

Lvl. 58
- Ancientpower
- Flamethrower
- Aura Sphere
- Extremespeed
Definitely one of the best on my team, Aura Sphere was wonderfully overpowered.

Mangosaur (Tropius) @ Aspear Berry

Lvl. 57
- Sunny Day
- Solarbeam
- Fly
- Natural Gift
Mangosaur is awesome, despite by all standards being crap. Because he's Mangosaur. I had a nice little tactic going against Bertha, Sunny Day+Solarbeam with Clorophyll works nicely.

Dracosect (Yanmega) @ Insect Plate

Lvl. 58
Speed Boost
- Ancientpower
- Air Slash
- Bug Buzz
- Psychic
MVP, no doubt. It was great to have such a speedy Special attacker.

Cottonwing (Altaria) @ Soft Sand

Lvl. 59
Natural Cure
- Ice Beam
- Dragon Pulse
- Dragon Dance
- Earthquake
Here was my tactic against Flint: 4xDragon Dance, 5xEarthquake. Cottonwing rocks my socks.

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