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    Sliph Co. seriously relies on child molesters to hand them out?
    This would have made me laugh for five minutes straight... if "Silph" wasn't misspelled. XD Seriously, I'm impressed with the general LOLz of your update.
    • Prinplup evolved, FINALLY, and I find myself in possession of a super-special-awesome Empoleon... who finally fits in the Steel thing that the rest of my team has going on. After seven gyms. Woo Empoleon!
    • Set my sights on training the shamefully-underlevelled Skarmory. He even let a level fifteen Mareep attack him! Twice! ; 0; He is the shame of my family and a disgrace of our ho- Oh. Skarmory. I, uh, didn't see you there. How's things goi- Aargh! Don't peck me, dammit! Stop! STOP!!
    • Sees how slow things are going when Rock Tomb hits approximately two percent of the time, and put off Skarmory's training for the time being until we have Pokémon around that might actually get experience points.
    • After dwelling over Metagross and Bastiodon as my last team member, I decided to switch Steelix for Bastiodon and use the last slot for Metagross. YAY.
    • Put off getting Bastiodon until I find Fly in Pearl, and set my sights back on training Beldum and Mr. Amazing Skarmory. No way I'm taking on Team Rocket and its badly-localized admins with this team as it is...
    • Decided that the Rocketeers might provide some decent EXP and entered the hideout of peril.
    • Went undercover, but Rivalman caught me and misunderstood, thinking I was trying to dress like them. After slugging him and explaining (angrily) that I was GOING UNDERCOVER DAMMIT, I dealt with the Rocket Grunt who was buddying up to me and went inside. Sometimes I really hate that dude...