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    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post

    Which reminds me, how DID Aizen cause the Vaizards to undergo Hollowfication? I know Urahara "stabilised" (according to Bleach.wikia) them using the Hougyoku...

    I don't think quite teleporting, perhaps just really fast movement. We'll have to see in the anime.
    We're repeating ourselves... on two different places. Good thing we don't join another forum, or we'll have to post the same thing thrice. XD

    Regarding the Vizards, what I understood was that they were hollowfied not with the Hogyoku, but rather with Aizen's experiments. That was why they don't have complete Arrancar powers like Tosen, you see. It's the same case as with the Hollow that ate Kaien (what, Metascasia or something like that). It was the result of Aizen's experiments on his own, not with the Hogyoku.

    So why does Aizen have the hogyoku in that flashback...?

    Another plausible theory was that Aizen was trying to create his own Hogyoku, but it was unsuccessful. He does know about the Hogyoku, because he's been reading Urahara's research, right?

    I think that IS teleporting. See page 16? The light kinda indicate that he disappeared from that place and on page 17, there were like 'traces of light' when he suddenly appeared again. I think it's teleporting.

    And waiting for the anime is useless. I mean, how it's going to be shown in the anime would be according to how the animators interpret the manga, so one way or another, we won't know what Kubo really wants to show us. :p