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1. it is new and intuitive for a pokemon game, but it's just a bit too simple IMO. it would be nice to have some multi target moves within the game so that regular mob battling would not be as daunting as well as add just a tiny bit of complexity in the game. for example:

making razor leaf, magnitude, and all the spore/powder skills multitarget skills. i have done some testing with this myself and i have found that this grants a benefit without being game breaking, as the spore/powders still retain their 75% accuracey along with the fact that most mobs resist it anyways it seems. magnitude and razor leaf both have base power of 100 and thus do below average damage a few levels after the point of getting these skills. few mobs are weak to both types and quite a few mobs infact resist it. so it grants weaker spread damage which helps in trimming down multiple mobs. having a bulbasaur and/or chicorita use razor leaf on it's turn can help weaken a crowd so other pokemon with stronger single hits can get the job done a bit faster.

basically, allow for weaker or less efficient skills to be able to hit multiple targets as oppose to stronger single hit skills. so for general crowd weakening you could rely on magnitude or razor leaf, but when you really need to pile on some damage, you use stronger single target skills like rock blast or flamethrower.

now you could also make stronger multi target skills such as blizzard or earthquake that can either sweep or severly damage a crowd, however make it use an abnormal amount of PP that makes it so you really can only use it about 5 times at lvl 60 before needing to recover PP. and this could work out as the available pokemon that learn earthquake naturally have a pretty low PP stat to begin with.

you can also make this a boss favorite, having them occasionally smash your team with an earthquake and requiring that you start healing up before the boss takes a member out. or casting a blizzard and putting your team on ice.

this would allow a bit more complexity as well as up difficulty by just a bit. making it so wild bulbasaur have the chance of poisoning your whole group (of course more accurate skills like toxic or hypnosis would remain single target) or xXLionheartXx can inflict weak crowd damage with magnitude or inflict a crowd nuke with earthquake (earthquake hurts but generally won't outright kill most pokemon at the proper level)

this can up the value of abilities, as well as bolster the use of some of the available pokemon. like if you know the upcoming area later in game is going to be quake happy, you may want to pick up some flying types or get some ground resistance abilities. or if you are going through sol forest and the bulbasaurs, shroomish, and chicoritas can poison or sleep your whole team, you may want to get some poison resistance or poison types just to save money on antidotes. at the same time it makes ther be a reason to use grass and bug types to inflct crowd statuses to help against stronger or possibly more annoying mobs later on.

another thing is the healing skills in the game, the only ones available are moonlight, morning sun, Recover, and softboild, which only 3-5 pokemon or so seem to have acess to. they are self heals that recover roughly 40-50 health. and by the time you get these (60's for eevee) the characters HP is so high that it doesn't matter. even then it still doesn't. and recover is basically a potion in the form of a DM.

my advice would be to buff the effect rating of the healing skills up to 1700 and bypass defense. this may sound ludacris but regardless of level or stat, the healing skills seem to always heal the same ammount, in this case it would heal somewhere around 1700 HP more or less. another thing would be to make morning sun and moonlight a party heal while recover and softboild be a healing skills that can be used on the user itself or on a selected team mate. this would allow for some pokemon acting as a supporting class, with recover and softboild generally being more acessible, it would be fair to make it a single target heal while morning sun and moonlight is only acessible to a few pokemon and for the eeveelutions it is at a much later level, so the ammount healed is enough to at least get your team out of critical condition and to a fairly managable amout of health be it at half or below half without being an overpowering full heal

other skills like reflect and light screen should inflict the whole party with a status alligment that doubles defense but only lasts for 5 turns, the same can be done with lightscreen however that makes the skill act as an offensive and defensive buff boosting resistance to special attacks and special attack power, if that is fine with you than so be it. safeguard should not only cure statuses but grant resistance to it, as a way of defending against status happy bossfights. refresh should be useable on any single party member, heal bell and aromatherapy should cure the whole team (both very uncommon skills so likely to not get till mid or end game) and skills like synthesis and rest should have a 2500 effect rating since they work only on the user, and the latter has a backlashing effect to it.

so basically, skills i believe should be weak crowd damage/effect skills should be silverwind, future sight, magnitude, stun spore, sleep/poison powder, razor leaf, leech seed,powser snow, bubble,quick attack,shockwave/spark,smoke screen, and cotton spore.

strong multitarget skills should be earthquake, blizzard, surf, extreemspeed,rockslide, boomerang, air slash, and dark pulse.

multi target support skills should be reflect, lightscreen, moonlight, morning sun, heal bell, and mist.

single target selective support skills should be refresh, recovery, and softboild

self only support skills should be most of the general buffs like agility, synthesis, and rest.

this would allow enough complexity while still retaining a good amount of simplicity, much like super mario RPG which wasn't as extreemely convuluted as some FF games later in the series but was still complex enough to satisfy people who liked that aspect of those games. not only that but it gives reason to ramp up the difficulty a bit by adding crowd statusing moves for bosses or the ability to revive their weaker supporting mobs.

2. upon hitting the end of the demo, i had an espeon, gravler, and ivysaur at their low 30's as well as a low level chicorita tagging along for EXP.

3. so far it would be umbreon since by the time you get him he cannot serve any purpose. but even then i expect him to remain my underused eeveelution since not much is weak to dark type and even with competent defensive capabilities, he doesn't seem to do too well offensively untill lvl 50. I honestly anticipate umbreon being the form i switch to in order to soak up boss hits and use items to recover my team or if the change above takes place, use him as a way to heal the party.

but if the statement above does take place, i would use umbreon as an effective tanky healer, being able to keep the teams health at a manageable ammount while not being too squishy itself.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents.

I'm excited for the rest of this game as already the rather interesting and seemingly unexplored plot idea is really impressive, and the execution of said plot only serves to improve it. i honestly wasn't aware of this game being made in RPG maker 2003. I thought it was made in XP or VX. one could only imagine what things would be like had you used those programs and a bit of ruby script. the game was so well polished it was hard to even see it as an RPG maker 2k3 game.
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