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    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    ...You know how Zanpakutous themselves are "living beings", what if Kyouka Suigetsu rebels against Aizen? At least a large portion of his powers would be cut down, and it could hold a distraction for Ichigo to attack.
    Future plotkai maybe? :D

    Originally Posted by smile! View Post
    Why is that in spoilers?
    And no, those don't levitate. Rather, they kind of walk on a path of solid air. Levitate is when your feet is not touching something.
    Or it could be that they collect spirit particles(reishi) under their feet, like how you have to make a path with spirit particles when traveling through a Garganta.

    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    According to info on the 4th movie is out (you might have to scroll down to see the post, but I have it quoted). I put it in spoilers, because not released in America yet, and I think some people might want to be hidden from the info:

    Well, I'm somewhat disappointed that Hell will only be an anime movie, as opposed to an entire arc, but Kubo's overlooking it, so it's canon.

    I'm interested to see what the plot is, and I'm almost certain that the music and animation will be near top-tier as Bleach usually is with big things like a movie.

    I liked the trailer, because it showed how the animation works, and it looked really nice too. Though, like pretty much everyone else, I wished it showed more of what's going to happen.
    What, no Chad?! That's f***ing bull****! Chad needs to go fight in hell.
    Other than no Chad, this sounds like a pretty good movie.
    I think I'd rather have just a movie about a fight in hell, than a whole arc.