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    -All Pokemon must be from the same evolotion family(including Eeveelutions)
    -For Eeveelutions, Eevee must be part of the team.
    -You can use GS to get any pokemon you desire, starting with their FIRST
    Evolution AT LV. 5(EX. if you have zubat's team, you get 3 zubats to start with,and evolve to other two when the time comes.)
    -starter pokemon are allowed
    -Post here when you beat the E4
    -If you complete it, you will get to be in the Hall of Fame
    -HM slave (meaning ONE pokemon) is allowed for SURF, STRENGTH, and CUT ONLY, deal without flying&flash for that makes this challenge harder. you may hack in a lv. 1 or somthing kabuto, as it learns all three
    -Have fun
    Hall of fame

    Forum name:
    Means of Getting Team:

    Route 1
    Those are the rules. edited by me