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    I signed up in the last thread, but never was added to a list.

    Username: c3rad
    Game: LeafGreen
    Type: Grass

    And since I've started already I'll give a breif report.

    Began my Journey on Thursday July 29

    Named myself Onion (gonna nickname my pokemon after vegetables)

    Named my rival Turnip.

    Started with Bulbasaur, beat my rival soundly in our first encounter. Then I traveled to Viridian where I was given Oaks Parcel. I delivered it and was sent on my way with the pokedex.

    Next I traveled through Viridiuan forest, a very easy journey for good old Bulbasaur, and I don't need any antidotes. Next I challenged Brock's gym, probably the easiest thing I have ever done. Earned my boulder badge and was on my way.

    Next I got the running shoes and beat all the trainers on the adjoining route. Next I traveled back to viridian to meet with my rival at Indigo Plateau. By then I had a lv. 18 Ivysaur, and defeated his team easily.

    Next was Mt. Moon. My main problem here was the fact that I was running out of PP quickly. Luckily Ivysaur learned Razor Leaf when he used up his last PP of vine whip, making things a lot easier. I left the cave with the dome fossil and continued on my way to Cerulean.

    Here, on my way to Nugget Bridge, I was challenged by my rival. It turned out to be a close encounter, but I prevailed in the end using sleep powder+leech seed on my rival's Charmander. Then I traveled north across the bridge, and was asked to be a member of team rocket.

    I guess I said no, although I wasn't given a choice and I proceeded to Bill's. On the next route I caught a Bellsprout who I trained against trainers for the rest of the route to bill's.

    After saving Bill and adding a few pages to my pokedex (although bill thought I didn't come to see his collection) I headed for the Cerulean gym. Here, Bellsprout prooved his worth by defeating every single pokemon in the gym, save for starmie who confused the poor guy. Yet, Ivysaur prevailed and soundly defeated my opponent.

    Next we traveled south for Vermilion city. On my trip south I captured a meowth to serve as an HM slave. I also battled my way through the route just north of Vermilion, having to go back to Cerulean to heal paralysis.

    Next I got my bike voucher and procured a bike. I then traveled east of Vermilion to battle the trainers there before I boarded the S.S. Anne. By now Bellsprout was a Weepinbell.

    I then boarded the S.S. Anne and Evolved Ivysaur into a Venusaur. My rival, Turnip, proved to be easy as can be, posing no threat to my team of two. I then rubbed the captain's back and got HM01.

    I taught the HM to Meowth and then headed for Surge's gym. Safe to say, this gym was fairly easy. The only trouble I had was Paralysis. I then captured enough pokemon to be able to obtain Flash and I am now headed for Rock Tunnel.

    My Party

    Venusaur Lv. 35
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed
    -Razor Leaf

    Weepinbell lv. 32
    -Vine Whip
    -Sleep Powder
    -Stun Spore