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    With the SoulBadge in hand I decided to head back to Saffron City via Celadon. I finally had enough cash to buy a Porygon. I immediately taught it Ice Beam and Tri Attack by TM, before remembering it would've learned Tri Attack levelling up, oops.

    Anyways, on to Saffron City, Chansey cleared the fighting dojo alone (Hm, maybe I'm a little overlevelled). Anyway...Silph Co. I avoided most of the grunts and headed straight for Giovanni. (If I'm overlevelled then I don't want to level up more, that'd just remove any remaining epicness...) Oh good, a rival battle, these are always intere-Dammit Chansey. *sigh* Chansey solo'd the rival battle. I decided at this point that the problem wasn't my levels, and that it was Chansey's insane special stat. So I switched Snorlax to the front and taught it Surf. Turns out Chansey's special stat wasn't the problem...Snorlax obliterated Giovanni's team and all was well in the world, I recieved a master ball which would never see use.

    Well, with Team Rocket once again foiled it was time for the gym. I don't want to battle anyone unless I ha- what the hell!? The basic trainers here are nearly as tough as Giovanni. Anyway, I made my way to the leader, avoiding most of the trainers...

    Leader Battle: Sabrina
    Raticate Lv.37 Water Gun, Tail Whip, Dig, Hyper Fang
    Pidgeot Lv.37 Swift, Sand Attack, Double-Edge, Wing Attack
    Chansey Lv.37 Psychic, Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt, Sing
    Snorlax Lv.37 Body Slam, Surf, Rest, Strength
    Persian Lv.37 Body Slam, Bite, Double Team, Screech
    Porygon Lv.28 Ice Beam, Tri Attack, Psybeam, Recover

    I honestly can't remember much about this fight. All I remember is it was depressingly easy. I'm pretty sure I only used Snorlax and Persian during the match though.

    Next time! The final 2 Gyms.