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    Meh, I figure I've lurked long enough, so I'll just get down to penning a short story. But before I fully explain the details of the plot, lemme lapse into a brief spot of excessively foreboding and needlessly dramatic dust-cover prose:



    The story takes place in the Sinnoh region, but not a Sinnoh region any of us would recognize. For starters, the grand cities of the Pokemon universe – Hearthome, Jubilife, Sunyshore – do not exist here. There are instead huge cathedral-like spires that scatter the landscape, intimidating testaments to the power of the all-mighty Team that built them. There are massive stretches of wasteland, veritable seas of dust and roiling sandstorms interspersed with mercifully untouched swaths of sparking green forest. There are the oppressors, staring at the world with steely eyes through their towering glass balconies, and the resistance, fighting a battle to preserve their homeland against an enemy whose ambitions they hardly even understand.

    And throughout this land lives not humans, nor Pokemon, but a combination between the two which either, individually, would regard at best as utterly bizarre.

    In this Sinnoh lives the Pokemorphs.


    There, got that outta my system.

    And yeah, there WILL be Pokemorphs in this story. I make no apologies for that. But don't worry - I won't try to explain their existence in this fanfic beyond the simple ditty "they're there because they're there". So no cliched laborotary scenes or weird interspecies... relations. I'll just leave it at that.

    On to the actual details:

    In this story, Team Galactic are the main antagonists. For a while they have known of the presence of dimensions outside the Pokemorph world, and, as is typical for any evil team, are determined to achieve profit from this knowledge. To that end they are constructing a device that will allow linkage to the human and Pokemon worlds.

    However, Giratina, one of the legendary trio and a backstage ruler of TG, has a far more sinister hidden motive. He wants to destroy said dimensions using the device, believing that the Pokemorph dimension he singlehandedly created is by far the greatest; his magnum opus. None of the TG execs know about this except for one – a mysterious Infernape, a junior exec yet strangely influential, who appeared under mysterious circumstances and rapidly rose to power.

    Dialga and Palkia, realizing the tremendous danger Giratina poses, are desperate to find a way to stop him, as their powers combined are just barely a match for Giratina’s. They conclude that introducing a champion to the dimension, thus giving themselves a clear physical presence on the plane, would be the most effective way to take down TG, allowing them to focus their efforts on bringing down Giratina themselves.
    (Each member of the legendary trio is able to physically exist in the dimension, but only for a short period of time. Introducing a champion into the plane is the most effective way to exert control while conserving energy.)

    It is under these tumultuous circumstances that a young Turtwig finds himself trapped in this strange alternate-reality Sinnoh. He comes originally from our world, the world exclusively inhabited by the human race, and is both amazed and bewildered by his recognition of the Pokemon traits he sees in his rescuers. But how could that be? After all, those only existed in the diminutive metallic box he often found himself buried in…

    Oops, lapsed back into dramatic dust-cover mode again at the end there. Sincerest of apologies.

    Nothing in this post should be considered part of the actual story; it's more like a preview of things to come.

    EDIT: Also, thanks so much to the mods for helping me move this to the appropriate section of the forum. I really should read the rules properly next time...
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