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    @AceDragonite: Tofurang doesn't evolve, but it has a prevo that you can catch early on the game, Tonemy.

    Electric won this time, so I present you the last fakemon Zephyr made for Uranium, the all awesome Voltasu!

    Name: Voltasu
    Type: Electric/Flying
    Ability: Volt Absorb/ Lightning Rod
    Description: "VOLTASU are really rare pokémon. Tandorians believe that every lightning on their islands are caused by one. This pokémon feeds from storms."

    Stats: High SpAtk, Atk, Speed . Average HP and SpDef. Low Def
    Best Moves: Thunder, Sky Attack, Zap Cannon, Extreme Speed, Rain Dance and Storm Blast(new move!)
    Has a preevo

    Keep voting, and you will see another one today =)!
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