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Originally Posted by Amore View Post
I'm just hoping Serebii's right about him taking Gible along with him!

I hope he evolves it through to Garchomp and uses it tons, rather than just trading it away/leaving it un-evolved/both.

I also hope Brock does go.....and if he comes back, Ash's at least got 4 badges before that happens...apparently Iris is a wild-child, she should be able to cook!
Before everything, I expected Ash to carry Gible along with him to Isshu since it never got that much screen time and came in the show late. Looking at Pokémon though, it seems they want this generation to be all new. With that, I find it unlikely for Gible to tag a long now. If it does came back though, it'll be for a sub-arc like when Phanphy came back for the Battle Frontier, earned its screen time it missed out on before, and then evolved.

As for Brock leaving, I think he might go in the episode prior to this one. It seems to center much attention on him and would be the perfect time for his departure. It'll be sad to see him go after all these years, regardless of the fact that he barely did anything. For his finale though, (SPPf made me like this idea, and the next one after) I could imagine the developers putting in this song for when he leaves, like they did the first time.

For Dawn, I see her leaving in this episode here. It seems to signify her leaving well with the title and for the closure of the DP Saga. For her song, I feel this would be the right choice for when Ash and her split.

...Wow, that's just all sad right there. D:
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