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The little plot Buneary I've had nagging me has evolved into a fully fledged plot Lopunny that had taking to dancing around my head occasionally with characters following along behind. So I've come here to get feedback on the idea.


So the idea is, an alternate universe Pokemon fiction. It's set in a world that is similar our own, except with more advanced technologies that cater to the pokemon and their trainers. Pokemon do replace animals within this world and therefore, most societies choose to find alternate food sources.

In this world, battling is a major televised sport. Trainers partake in official tournaments and battles to receive points and after a certain number of points, the trainer will increase in rank. Due to events of pokemon terrorism in recent years, the government has encouraged the growth of official tournaments, having matches on television almost daily. This, in turn, has created a wealth of young trainers aspiring to reach the coveted Pro rank of the battling tiers.

We're introduced to a young couple, Ethan is a singer in a small-time band and the other, Leon, is an aspiring trainer of the fifth rank. Whilst Ethan watches, Leon battles in the “Psionics Tournament” which will allow him to receive enough points to go up in rank. Leon is declared the winner after a harsh battle for first place. After the tournament, Ethan rushes to congratulate his boyfriend, only to be told by a security guard that he is in talks with the tournament’s organiser.

Three days later, and there’s no sign of Leon anywhere. After reporting it to the police, Ethan is told Leon left the country, just yesterday, on a commercial flight. Originally bewildered, Ethan is convinced something must be up. Determined, he sets out to find his boyfriend.


Basically, I need someone to poke holes in this idea so I can address any issues before I really flesh it out.

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