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    Originally Posted by Omn View Post
    Dang that really sucks hopefully you find your usb and that you get well soon.
    thanks, managed to find it, my sister had it.

    Originally Posted by sasukeanditachi View Post
    Why when i go in the grass near where you find eevee if a battle starts some error box pops up a few times per second until i close it.
    I'm not too sure, this happens to me too. If this happens, just close and restart

    Originally Posted by pokenoodle View Post
    umm i found a glitch i was outside this cave where you fought your rival and i was battling him and accidentally hit the evolve so esc didn't work so i clicked the evolution i was on and the battle ended and my character disapeared AND I LOST MY EEVEE and the only start buttons that work are save exit and the one above it and every battle you get in automatically end?
    Oh weird. did you only have eevee in your team? auto ending battles indicate a lack of party members, i'll try pinpoint the problem

    Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
    Found a glitch. you can use the bike before you own one by using Shift.
    Not a glitch, I decided to give players the bike from the start. This may change in the full release, but right now; you start with a bike.

    -Thanks, I was thinking of revising the movelist for a while, but now im gonna do it!

    Yeah, I'm expanding the movelists. I'm adding in a whole bunch of new attacks, including attacks that attack all enemies. It's going to take a while.
    But this will mean that Pokemon will have much larger movelists that before.

    The new movelist is the first priority, because until I finish it, the battle system is broken(pokemon have no attacks.)

    I'll try to update when I can.
    Version 0.753 is out
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