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    Well, that annoying script is done. What makes it even more annoying is that since I've started letting my Roommate borrow my laptop half each day, the keyboard's starting to get touchy. :( But yeah, I intend to map out the route from the first town to the first cave and the three floors of the cave. Then populate it with trainers and pokemon and call it good :D Though I have no clue how much I'm gonna get done today cause I have normal 10th day of the month errands which involves the City Bus and buying groceries and then getting said groceries back to the apartment. [sarcasm]It's so much fun.[/sarcasm]

    But yeah, I just hope that this event is the biggest one in the game (doubt it). However, the choices the player makes changes what the player can get as far as pokemon, items, and quests. As well as it changes a lot of the plot. But that doesn't mean that the plot will still focus on badges. There will be the standard 8 badges, however, the plot only focuses on the first three. Beyond that, the plot will weave in the remaining five badges into it rather than shifting between gaining badges just to further the plot like the current official games that are out.

    Also, I'm thinking of doing a poll because I don't know whether to do a preview demo up to the first gym or to do a normal demo up to the third gym. What do you guys think?

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