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    Originally Posted by Waffledude View Post
    For some reason it won't work on my computer. It says something about needing to know what program created it.
    That's because you have to patch it. You can read more about it here.

    Originally Posted by Faline View Post
    Someone once got a hack named Pokemon Palladium as well.

    Though I think he didn't continue it. Still this looks promising. You should've use the original FR/LG tiles since that rombase is a little bit overused and un-original for me. :3

    But still it's your descision. Hoping to see more updates. Goodluck.
    I know they're not that original, but I like them much better than the normal FR/LG ones.

    Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
    Trying this hack out right now. by the way, you've been nominated for Hack of the Month. Voted for you.

    Good luck,
    Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.
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