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    Well, since I was planing to do the Ultimate Solo Challenge, I'll just post everything here. I'm doing them in this order:

    Sandshrew/Sandslash Update 1
    I started my Pokemon Blue with naming my rival What? and myself BlueSB. I then chose squirtle as a starter and named it SURF. I then used a gameshark to let me encounter a sandshrew in the wild after I returned Oak's Parcel. I caught one, and then put SURF in the PC. I then trained Sandshrew (Edward) up to level 13, and then went though Viridian Forest.

    After losing to Brock, I trained Edward up to level 18 before I could beat him. I then went to Mt. Moon and beat some of the trainers there. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center, though, because I ran out of PP. I then got out of Mt. Moon, and trained until I was level 27 (Edward evolved at this point). I also caught another sandshrew and also named it Edward for fun.

    I ended up beating Misty with only 1 HP left. That was a close one... I then beat What? easily and made my way through nugget bridge. I talked to Bill, got dig and taught it to Edward, and then went to the S.S. Annie. After beating some of the trainers, and What? once again, I got cut from the Captain. I then taught cut to HM Slave Edward.

    I then beat Lt. Surge at lv. 33, I think... Afterward, I went through Rock Tunnel without flash. I ended up getting a bit lost, but I found my way though.

    After beating all of the trainers in the Pokemon Tower, I made my way to Celadon. I then beat Erika. She was easy, since at this point, I was in my 40's. After this, I demolished everyone in the TR hideout. I then beat Giovanni and went back to the Pokemon Tower. I beat the Marowack and the TR grunts, and got my Pokeflute. I then walked the long way to Fuchsia city since I forgot to grab that bike.

    I then beat all of the trainers, and beat Koga. After this, I picked up Surf and Strength, and went to Sliph Co. I got lost a bit inside, but after finally finding my way, I beat What? again and also Giovanni. I then beat both the Sabrina and the Fighting Dojo.

    At this point, I found an amazingly wonderful spearow, and I just had to catch it in my Master Ball. I then got Fly and went to Pallet Town. I then surfed to Cinnabar and went through the Mansion. I got the Key and

    After getting the key, I went to the gym. I beat all of the trainers there and got my badge. I then flew to Viridian to beat Giovanni once again. After beating him once again, I went to beat the other person who doesn't accept a loss. What? was as easy as always, and I made my way through Victory Road pretty quickly.

    At this point, I bought tons of items to make sure I would survive this. I had to revive myself a few times, but I made it through and became the Kanto champ.

    Yes I do, Oak. I still have three regions left!

    Final Team

    Edward (Sandslash)
    Lv. 80
    -Fury Swipes

    Edward (HM Slave Sandshrew)

    FLY (HM Slave Spearow)

    SURF (Squirtle HM Slave)
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