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    Obviously, poison won this time! I'm sorry for not updating yesterday, it's that I was kinda busy with RL on these last days.

    Name: Tonemy
    Type: Poison
    Ability: Levitate
    Description: "Newbie trainers traveling through caves are advised to bring along antidotes against a TONEMY's poison, which causes great pain if it isn't treated immediately."

    Stats: High Speed . Average HP and Def. Low SpDef, Atk and SpAtk
    Best Moves: Sludge, Smokescreen, Stockpile, Destiny Bond and Toxic
    Evolves into Tofurang at level 22

    Tonemy is a quite weak pokémon, but when it evolves into a Tofurang, it gets really dangerous! It's high HP, levitate ability and Brick Break make it really strong as you can see in the 2nd Gym!

    Keep voting =)!
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