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    I get this error when the battle starts. I am using Luka's animated pokemon script so I dont know if this may be causing the error, but I would appriciate some help. Thanks!

    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `bitmap' for #<BitmapWrapper:0x72af890>
    DP Battle:343:in `setPokemonBitmap'
    DP Battle:1545:in `pbStartBattle'
    PokeBattle_Battle:585:in `pbStartBattleCore'
    PokeBattle_Battle:493:in `pbStartBattle'
    PokemonField:766:in `pbWildBattle'
    PokemonField:765:in `pbSceneStandby'
    PokemonField:767:in `pbWildBattle'
    PokemonField:764:in `pbBattleAnimation'
    PokemonField:764:in `pbWildBattle'
    PokemonField:1103:in `pbBattleOnStepTaken'

    EDIT: Okay I removed the Animation script and it works great! Any suggestions on how to add Luka's Animation script? Maybe try adding it now?

    EDIT AGAIN!: Sorry, but i readded the animation script after the DP PT battle and it works now. I'm having trouble with the dual screen. sometimes when I move a certain way parts of the top screen will appear on the bottom or the bottom screen shows the below map all together. IDK whats wrong but if anyone has had this problem please help me. Thanks!
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