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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    In Beta 1 will we get two badges? Seeing that Routes 24&25 are in Beta 1 the Nugget Bridge the Sea Cottage events are in Beta 1. The beta probably ends with someone blocking the Underground Path in Route 5. I like the tile set you made as it does resemble HG/SS. Is the Cerulean Gym gonna have a Sailor in it since there were two in Cerulean Gym in HG/SS?
    Originally Posted by Ashdejan View Post
    I think you answered your own question
    Explain: The game ends at route 5 so we cant go to Vermilion yet so we can only have 2 badges Boulder and Cascade
    You will be able to obtain 2 badges. Bill will also give you the S.S. Anne ticket, but for now it's going to be completely useless. Also the Rocket event in Cerulean City is there, but it is a little different, since the layout of Cerulean City in DarkViolet/HG/SS is significantly different than the layout in R/G/B/Y/FR/LG. You will be able to access Route 5 before you beat Misty, unlike FR/LG.

    Also, in future releases, you will also be able to access Route 5 before you beat Misty, but you are not allowed to enter the Underground Path until you beat Misty.

    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    That and the SS Anne ticket. Are you going to use a Clefairy sprite for Bill?
    Think logically. If Bill says that he got combined with a Pokemon, of course I'm going to make him look like a Clefairy. Otherwise, then the whole event would make no sense.

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