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    Originally Posted by hackritus View Post
    annialated her with his awesome mindgames. (SSBM reference. If you don't know it, remember: Google is your friend)
    I feel like I know what this is, but I can't find it on google. Help!
    I apologize in advance if you find my list of events to be "laking in entertainment" or "not funny." I plan on doing a metric ass-load of these, so I'm trying to get straight to the point. :/

    Time for Gold Version!
    I understand, it is unfortunate that we are burdened with completing all the solo challenges, but we must carry on XD
    Originally Posted by RedBattler View Post
    I would like to do the ultimate solo challenge with scizor! xD
    I will start with emerald followed by leafgreen then silver and finally platinum.

    I'm also going to add one additional rule for revives allowed.
    Start with LeafGreen. Please go in order if you can.