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    Originally Posted by Flayre View Post
    I've already tried that. There is no upstairs.

    I'm reaching the conclusion that the version i'm using is outdated, however, the point of this trade was to send off my Pokemon from this game to another game of mine. Since I cannot trade from this game, I'm going to drop that.

    Now, it was mentioned that the 'game.rxdata' file can be used to import old Pokemon from another game into the current game (which is supposedly the purpose of the 'Saves' folder).

    Could someone please provide some insight on that?



    Here you go,

    Pokemon Raptor EX Fonts in .ZIP format.
    You're a lifesaver! Do you have a Youtube account? I'm planning on making a Let's Play of Pokemon Raptor EX (If that's OK with OmegaGroudon, of course), and I'd like to give you a shout-out.
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