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    Originally Posted by thepsynergist View Post
    I'm hoping people enjoy the soundtrack. Personally, I think that's my games most prominent feature.
    I certainly agree with you there - phenomenal stuff. I'm especially blown away by the opening video - you made your own instrumental to the "Tales of the Abyss" opening, modified the lyrics and found a singer to perform in Japanese! The other games I've played all have opening sprite movies, but you went above and beyond by putting together an official theme song to your game!

    So far I've earned two gym badges and made my way up to the bug-catching park, and I've enjoyed every minute of the game. I'm curious to see what will happen to Red as Silver continues to defeat him - will he stick with his "pokemon are our friends" principles, or will he be lured to the dark side and try to win at any cost?

    I also have to mention how much fun I've had with Triple Triad. The matches are quick, but unpredictable. It is extremely addictive. In a way, TT complements the main quest very well and encourages you to catch lots of pokemon: even if you don't like a certain species, pick it up because its Triad card might make for a useful addition to your deck!

    The Rocket Watch and the Pidgeot flight pad are very nice additions. Since Team Rocket's missions all require you to hike back and forth between towns (I guess you could call them 'fetch quests'), it's nice to have the option to "cut to the chase" and immediately travel to your destination. I hope Giovanni will have more missions once I've earned my third badge - climbing up the ranks of Team Rocket and completing jobs for the boss feels like the 'main' story of the game, while earning badges is more of Silver's cover to blend in with regular Pokemon trainers.

    I haven't encountered any game-breaking glitches (the rattata/mareep trade patch worked perfectly), but I do have some minor comments and suggestions:

    Orewell City, House 1
    "I have heard strange noices in the Elywnn Forest."
    noices --> noises

    Orewell City, House 3
    "The ocean breeze here is nice. I haven't had trouble breathing when I started to live here.
    "I haven't had trouble breathing since I started to live here."

    Orewell City, Pokemart
    Gray haired boy: "My Pokemon keep getting poisoned ... It's so frusterating ... I should get a ZANGOOSE, they can't get poisoned."
    Spelling. "It's so frustrating ..."

    Chef: "It's so hard to come by good cooking ingredients, I heard there is a herb shop somewhere, but they are only good for Pokemon."
    Run-on sentence. Needs a period after 'ingredients'.

    Woman: "Have you tried to catch an ARON yet? They are like tanks, its really hard to defeat them with physical attacks, you have to use FIRE or WATER moves to do any real damage.
    its --> it's
    Run-on sentence. Period after 'attacks'.

    Orwell City, Gym
    I can't remember the exact line, but the Rune Maniac warns you that "our leaders tough!" Needs to be "our leader's tough!" with an apostrophe.

    -Orewell City Gym requires you to navigate around trap tiles that drop you into the gym's basement. However, each of those trap tiles are a slightly different colour than the regular floor panels, making it obvious where not to step. Since there are no advantages (or items) to be found by deliberately dropping into the basement, should they be recoloured to match the regular panels?

    -I'm wondering if there is some background distortion in the Gym Theme Music. At first, I thought it was an ambient effect you added to represent the machinery in the electric gym, but then I noticed that it appeared in every gym regardless. It sounds as though the recording equipment picked up the sound of city traffic or an airplane.

    -When a wild Pokemon appears, its health bar does not indicate whether you have caught it previously or not. In the official games, (and other fan games like Pokemon Raptor), a little pokeball icon appears in the bottom left-hand corner if you have captured that species.

    -Poliwag's 'back' sprite is positioned a little too high up, and there is a blank strip across the bottom of his picture. It looks as though the little tadpole was sliced in two!

    -In pokemon battles, I think that several attack animations are mirrored incorrectly; that is, they animate from finish to beginning, or are directed 'right' when they should move 'left'. Culprits include Sand Attack, Absorb, and Growl.

    -The vending machines will let you buy a 'Karope' for 50,000 coins. Is the Coin Case actually programmed to hold that amount of coins? Its bio describes it as having a maximum capacity of 9,999 coins.

    Oh, and I have to add - I love the Team Rocket Creed in the hideout, and the descriptions of all the Pokemon-related deaths handed out to traitors. It's little touches like that which make your game so fun.
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