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    Johto Log 9

    Picking up from yesterday, I had just gotten to Blackthorn City. Well, first thing in the morning, I hit the Gym. I wasn't gonna waste any more time than I needed to.

    The inside of the Gym was like the inside of a volcano. I thought it was just because the trainers liked it hot, but then I spotted the lava. That's right. Lava. The Gym guide told me that it'd be best if I put Psycho in his PokéBall because of the heat and the unstable footing. Gee, that makes me feel safe.

    The puzzles in the Gym had to do with moving and rotating large platforms from one point to another. The first few were easy, but the last one took me a while.

    The Gym Leader, Clair, seemed rather aloof and snobbish. She mentioned that she could hold her own against the Elite Four, and when that didn't deter me, she seemed to look at me with distaste.

    The battle went down a little like this: She sent out a Pokémon, Psycho either OHKOed or THKOed it with Psychic. (For those of you who don't know what those mean, they're One Hit KO and Two Hit KO respectively)

    Clair was, naturally, in denial. However, she refused to hand me the badge I had just rightfully won. She told me to go take the Dragon-master Challenge in the Dragon's Den. If I passed it, she'd give me the badge. I wanted to punch her in the face, but I had the feeling I'd never get the badge then.

    So I grudgingly went behind the Gym and entered the Dragon's Den. The shrine wasn't hard to get to; I had to surf around to find the right entrance, though. The test turned out to be a few questions, so that was another lucky break. I answered them all truthfully, and they said I passed easily.

    Clair suddenly entered, and had this high and mighty attitude. She asked them how badly I failed, and when she found out I passed, she was taken by surprise. She hadn't even passed, and yet I had. The elder who quizzed me told her to stop acting childish and give me the badge. Then he threatened to tell Lance of this, which made her go pale. I guess she knew Lance as well.

    She finally gave in and handed me the Rising Badge.

    The elder told Clair to go reflect on herself, and she took off. Then he mentioned something about the Whirl Islands and a Pokémon called Lugia. I was only partly interested, and when he finished talking about it, I left.

    As I was leaving, Clair stopped me and apologized for her behavior by giving me TM 59, Dragon Pulse. Then she took off again, this time for good.

    I exited the Dragon's Den as well, and as soon as I did, Prof. Elm called me. He told me he had something neat to give me, so I should swing by and grab it. So I did. Simple as that.

    At the lab, I was met by Lyra and Prof. Elm. Elm said I was doing a great job in the Johto region and he gave me another Master Ball. I admit, it was cool to get another one, but it would do me just as much good as the other one did. Or so I thought at that point. He also told me that the Kimono Girls were waiting for me in Ecruteak. I was shocked. I thought there was only one girl all over the place.

    As I approached the Dance Theater, I saw Danny run out, mumbling about losing to five Kimono girls. He looked at me, said something about how tough the Kimono Girls were, then ran off. He looked like he had some conflicting emotions.

    In the Dance Theater, the five Kimono Girls were waiting for me. They said something about bringing back Lugia, and they challenged me to five battles in a row. They all had evolutions of Eevee, and they were all simple to beat.

    After I beat them all, the main Kimono Girl handed me the Tidal Bell. Then, suddenly, a young girl ran in and told us that she saw a large shadow heading towards the Whirl Islands. I really wasn't interested in any of this stuff, but I grudgingly followed them.

    At the Whirl Islands, I wound my way through the floors all the way down to the bottom, where the Kimono Girls waited. They said something about summoning Lugia and a dance, then the Tidal Bell they gave me earlier began glowing and floating. The Kimono Girls quickly spread out on the platform and began dancing.

    It was a majestic dance, and as they danced, two large orbs on both sides of the huge waterfall ahead started glowing. Then, out of nowhere, a faint outline appeared in the waterfall. Suddenly it burst out, revealing a huge winged Pokémon. The Kimono Girls confirmed that it was Lugia, and that it was waiting for me. I'm not sure what that meant, but I figured it meant it wanted me to capture it. So I did. Thanks for the Master Ball, Elm.

    After I caught it, I up and left. No need to stay any longer than I needed, I had already wasted enough time here.

    Back in New Bark Town, I surfed east, finally heading back to Kanto. Great, my favorite region. /sarcasm

    Tohjo Falls was easy to get through. Up one waterfall and down the other. Yawn. They made it sound all big and important on the sign, but it really wasn't.

    From that point on, I was in Kanto. It wasn't as bad here, but that might just be because I'm only on the outer part of Kanto. The trainers were all annoying, and they weren't that hard to beat at all.

    The route dragged on for a long ways. Then it shifted north and became a whole new route. I started to get a little bored of all the walking.

    But finally, after crushing the hopes and dreams of many League-bound trainers, I made it to the gatehouse of Victory. Road. Victory Road.

    It was dark when that happened, so I decided to call it a night. However, the people at the gate couldn't offer me a place to stay, so I ended up searching the route for a place to sleep. Luckily, I ran across this one woman who was kind enough to open up her house to me. A woman this nice in Kanto. Maybe she thinks she's still living in Johto.

    Either way, I'm crashing here for the night. Tomorrow will bring the gauntlet that is Victory Road and the Elite Four. It'll be good to see my old buds again.

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