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Sign me up,I'll try too

EDIT:Ok so I'll start playing
-Chosen Squirtle
-Defeated my Rival,Blue
-Grew my Squirtle to lvl 8
-Devilered Parcel,got Pokedex
-Got Squirtle to Lvl 10
-Started the 2nd battle against Blue
He called Pidgey
I called Squirtle
Pidgey used Sand-Attack for 5 times(It was frustating)then Gust
I SOMEHOW managed to beat Pidgey,but his Bulbasaur defeated me (
Lost the battle
-Grew Squirtle to Lvl 13
-Took on Blue again
Pidgey vs Squirtle
He started using Sand Attack again,and i used Bubble,defeated him with 9 HP remaining
Squirtle vs Bulbasaur
Leech Seed defeated Squirtle,AGAIN
-Took on Blue again for the 3RD time
Pidgey vs Squirtle
At last he didn't use Sand-Attack,defeated him very easy
Bulbasaur vs Squirtle
I defeat him with 3 HP.He used Leech seed and Tackle,i had a hard time defeating him.
-Entered Viridian Forest
-Started training with trainers,while my Squirtle has been poisoned
-Got Squirtle to lvl 15
-Got to Pewter City and Healed Squirtle
-Challenged Pewter Gym
-Defeated First trainer and healed before Brock,while my Squirtle evolved
Red vs Brock
Wartortle vs Geodude
KO with Water Gun,same with Onix
Got my first badge,BOULDERBADGE

2nd Update:

-Trained with trainers at Route 3
-Entered and got through MT.MOON "safe"
-Healed my Pokemon at Cerulean
-Battle vs Blue
Pidgeotto vs Wartortle
He only used gust.3 Water Guns KO'ed him.
Abra vs Wartortle
He only used Teleport.what a SURPRISE.
Rattata vs Wartortle
Hyper Fang wasn't so dangerous.2 Bubble and a KO.
Bulbasaur vs Wartortle
Vine whip did only 12 damage.2 Tackles and KO,again
-Defeated Rival Blue
-Trained with the trainers at NUGGET BRIDGE
-Trained with the trainers at Cerulean Cape
-Helped Bill to become a human again
-Challenged Cerulean Gym with my lvl 26 Wartortle
Red vs Misty
Staryu vs Wartortle
Misty used and X DEFEND on Staryu,but 2 Bite's KO'ed him.
Starmie vs Wartortle
He used 4 Tackles and X DEFEND.Still,4 bite's and KO.
-I won CASCADEBADGE and TM 11,BubbleBeam,which replaced Bubble.
OK,enough,FOR NOW.