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Originally Posted by Ghrimm View Post
Is this the Ultimate Solo Challenge Thread or can I do a SoloRun in just one version here?
Yes, the Ultimate Solo Challenge Thread is still here, it's just been combined with the single solo run forums.

And now for the important thing.

Kanto Log V2: Entry 1

I'm back in Kanto, and already I've noticed that the Gyms have gotten tougher. But before I get to that, I'll discuss how I got here.

It turns out that the road to Kanto from Indigo Plateau was still under construction, so I tried to get to Kanto by taking the Magnet Train in Goldenrod. Unfortunately, it hadn't arrived lately, and it was looking like it wouldn't be arriving for a while. And I would've flown there, but the Farfetch'd didn't know how to get there.

Luckily, Elm came to the rescue with a ticket for the cruise ship to Kanto in Olivine City. I flew to Olivine in a snap and boarded the ship. As soon as I did, an old man rushed into me. He gave a quick apology, and then told me about his lost granddaughter.

As it turned out, many of the passengers were trainers, and Psycho and I had a ball beating them. I got to exploring the ship after a while, and on the lower deck, one of the sailors asked me to get his buddy back to work. He had apparently been slacking off.

I found him resting in one of the cabins, and he challenged me to a battle to try and keep me from telling anyone he was asleep. He lost, of course, and he pleaded with me to keep it secret as he ran back to his station. Fat chance.

The sailor below thanked me, and I went a bit further into the boat, finding myself in the engine room. I steered clear of it and made for the ladder up to the captain's room. There I found the captain being irritated by a little girl, presumably the one that the old man was looking for. I approached her, and she asked if I'd play with her. Then she said we'd play hide and seek, and before I could grab her, she took off.

I chased her down to the lower deck, but I lost sight of her. Fortunately, the sailor from before said she ran around the corner up ahead, and I found her quickly. I brought her back to her grandpa, and he thanked me. Not a moment after, the ship had reached Vermillion City.

I exited the ship and was walking along the dock when I saw Suicune again. It quickly dashed off towards the east again right as Eusine showed up. He finally realized that Suicune was always found around water and rushed off.

Vermillion hadn't changed at all; it was still the old port town it was three years ago. They haven't even started construction on the lot that was being cleared.

Unfortunately, the Gym hadn't changed either. The stupid trash can puzzle still stood. Yuck. I finally found both switches and got those electric beams out of the way, and Lt. Surge was right there, ready to battle.

First, I have to give thanks for Earthquake. It made this whole Gym a breeze. However, I couldn't help but notice that Lt. Surge had more Pokémon than last time, and they were all more powerful. But they all fell the same way, one solid Earthquake and they were done.

Lt. Surge conceded defeat once again, and re-awarded me the Thunder Badge.

After I took care of him, I decided that my next stop would be Saffron, and since it was only around noon, I headed out right then. On the way, I noticed the Underground Path was being blocked off. I didn't really care why, though, so I just kept going.

And finally, I was back in Saffron. Tall buildings, concrete, just like Goldenrod. It even had the Magnet Train building. Speaking of which, I decided to drop in to figure out why it wasn't running. Turns out, the power was off, due to something bad happening at the Kanto Power Plant. It was upsetting, but I didn't know how to help, so I had to leave.

I was about to check out the old Fighting Dojo for some training, but it turns out that it had been abandoned, so I went straight to Sabrina's Gym next door.

It, too, had the same puzzle it used to have. Stupid teleporters, so confusing. I did the same thing I did the first time, just taking random teleporters until I got to Sabrina. She was the same as she was three years ago as well, still opposed to battling.

Shadow Ball was the biggest help in this Gym, by far. All three of her Pokémon were weak to it. Espeon, however, did get a chance to bulk itself up with Calm Mind, so it took two Shadow Balls to take it out. The others, including her FEMALE MR. MIME, went down in one hit.

Sabrina was reluctant, but she gave in and re-awarded me the Marsh Badge.

After I beat her, I took the red teleport that they installed recently back to the exit. For nostalgia's sake, I decided I'd stop in at the Silph Co. building and see what they've done with it. Unfortunately, the elevator was out of order due to the electricity problem, so I had to leave.

The day was nearing an end, but it was about five hours until the Gyms closed for the night, so I decided I'd run over to Celadon City, seeing how close to Saffron it is.

In Celadon, nothing much had changed either. I was starting to think that Kanto froze in time while I was away. Since I already knew were everything was, I headed straight for the Gym. No-nonsense me was starting to show itself again.

The old man was still outside, spying on all the women. Disgusting pervert. I entered the Gym, ready to take on the same old thing, but it turns out this Gym HAD changed. There were cut bushes, arches with vines and flowers growing on them, showers of water from hoses, and potted plants everywhere, forming a sort of maze. It wasn't that hard to figure out, but it took me by surprise.

Erika recognized me, and welcomed me back to Kanto. Then she talked a bit about the weather and other things before she realized that I was here for a battle.

BATTLE, START! Her Jumpluff was simple, Meteor Mash and done. Bellossom was the same way; Meteor Mash did everything and more. Victreebel got the rough end of a Zen Headbutt and didn't stand a chance. Finally, her last Pokémon, Tangela, went down from Meteor Mash.

And simple as that, I had re-earned the Rainbow Badge from Erika.

I figured that we had done enough for today, and Psycho couldn't agree more. So he and I spent the rest of the day planning out the rest of our assault on Kanto. Tomorrow we'll hit Fuchsia City quickly, and then we'll run back up to Cerulean and take it down. Maybe we'll hit Lavender, but I doubt it.

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