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    Originally Posted by Guitar guy View Post
    sorry if these questions have been asked before but I can't find the answers to them

    1. I have my save game on pokemon raptor but a friend of mine wants to start his own game as well how do I create multiple save games without overwriting my current game? I've looked in the "saves" folder but its empty

    2. Where do I get .txt files from to battle other people's teams in the pokemon communications center in the team corner?

    3.why do pokemon take so long to train in pokemon raptor? my pokemon are lv 10 and it takes 100s of experience points to level up

    awesome game its like the ds games on one screen very well done

    I've got the most recent version I think EX
    I got it from a recent post on this thread
    1. its easy.... just compy paste the game to him xD

    2. and 3. what the other dudes said
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