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    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    Firered is basically the same as Red. HGSS is a direct remake of Gold/Silver, which takes place after Red. By the manga (and US release dates), it's 3 years. Emerald is an improved version of Ruby, which, by previous logic, takes place 2 years after Gold.

    But what about Celio? International trading was created in Firered, when a Ruby and Sapphire were used to connect National PokéDexes. That's how you can trade with FR off the bat. I may have missed something, though.

    Edit- Longest post I ever made with a Wii Remote.

    Okay, Red is still alive during the events of Ruby- that's how he trades.
    Release dates and the manga have absolutely nothing to do with when the official games take place :/.

    Go ahead and think whatever you want, but since this is my hack, and I'm the only guy making the Pokémon Saga hack series, I can do whatever I want, and I'm going to say this right here:

    Pokémon Saga - DarkViolet and Pokémon Saga - Jade takes place at the same time.

    Pokémon Saga - HeartGold and Pokémon Saga - Platinum takes place 3 years after DarkViolet and Jade.