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    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    Firered is basically the same as Red. HGSS is a direct remake of Gold/Silver, which takes place after Red. By the manga (and US release dates), it's 3 years. Emerald is an improved version of Ruby, which, by previous logic, takes place 2 years after Gold.
    Lemme get this straight.
    The events of R/S/E and FR/LG are of the same timeline.

    While the events of HG/SS and D/P/P are of the same timeline.
    And the events of HG/SS occur after 3 years of FR/LG timeline.

    You can't say that the events of Emerald happens AFTER HG/SS, that would impossible. While it IS true that Emerald is indeed an IMPROVED version
    of R/S, they are still of the same timeline.

    Now, you may ask, "Where did you get this information?"

    Well, I forgot, but I remembered that from a person in Serebii...

    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    Oh, and you said the manga is Chinese. It was never translated to Chinese, as far as I know, or at least, not officially.
    It DID translated to Chinese. (I have a whole collection of them.)
    All Pokemon stuff are translated to Chinese, except for video games.
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