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    Here's my evidence:

    FR/LG takes place at the same time as R/S/E because:

    *You don't need a time machine in either set of games to trade with each other
    *An NPC on One Island states that her boyfriend lives in Hoenn
    *An NPC on Seven Island states that Bruno once trained with Brawly
    *You can buy Lava Cookies on Two Island. The item description mentions Lavaridge Town
    *An NPC in Lilycove City mentions he came from the Kanto region
    *You can go to Navel Rock and Birth Island in FR/LG AND Emerald.
    *On Faraway Island, the faded signpost's message ends with, "...ji" in the Japanese version. Mr. Fuji's japanese name is also Fuji, meaning that since Mew = Kanto, and Mr. Fuji = Kanto, there's another Kanto reference right there.

    HG/SS takes place at the same time as D/P/Pt because:

    *You don't need a time machine in either set of games to trade with each other
    *In the beginning of Diamond/Pearl, there's a TV report on the red Gyarados that appears HG/SS.
    *In Platinum, there's an NPC at the Fight Area that says he filmed the documentary, "The Search for the Red Gyarados!"
    *In Platinum, the first time you try to enter Lake Valor, there's two NPCs blocking your path. One of them says he filmed the red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. Yes, he specifically mentions the Lake of Rage.
    *In HG/SS, in Bill's house in Goldenrod City, one of the NPCs says that Eevee can evolve into one of seven different kinds of Pokemon (he said five in G/S/C). What would be those seven? Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.
    *Maylene and Crasher Wake actually appear in HG/SS.
    *Jasmine appears in D/P/Pt.
    *There are plenty of Johto references in Platinum
    *There are plenty of Sinnoh references in HG/SS

    HG/SS & D/P/Pt takes place 3 years after FR/LG & R/S/E because:

    *In Azalea Town, when you rescue Kurt from the Slowpoke Well, he explains to you that Team Rocket was broken up 3 years ago by a boy named Red. Red could be anyone, but there's an NPC in the game you could battle named Red, and he clearly looks like the male protagonist of FR/LG.
    *There's a whole bunch of NPCs scattered throughout Johto and Kanto saying something along the lines of, "Team Rocket was broken up 3 years ago"
    *In FR/LG, if you go to Team Rocket's Warehouse on Five Island and read one of the computers, it talks about frequencies forcing Pokemon to evolve. This is a reference to the red Gyarados plot that is supposed to happen 3 years later, which the event directly takes place in HG/SS, and is talked about in D/P/Pt.
    *In G/S/C, you specifically needed a time machine to trade with R/G/B/Y.

    Originally Posted by Heart's Soul View Post
    You know what? Chaos Rush is right, though, it's his hack. His decision to ruin it some way. (4 games already?)
    What do you mean, "4 games already"? Pokemon Saga has always been planned to be 4 games, since October 2009 actually. And (lol), wtf am I ruining? Your imagination?