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Originally Posted by stinger123 View Post
I've read the rules and i think its is fine to post this!
Sorry if this is a bit OFF TOPIC.
Hey would this work for ruby? I know it says fire red but I've made a title screen and I've forgot about keeping 16 colors only in my mind. I don't want to redo it because it took me AGES and its my first title screen. Also if i put it in 16 colors it is going to look horrible . I've checked ruby tutorials on youtube and they all say different things, on other websites and they say very little explanation and about put it in tiles or something. I've checked the tutorial on poke community for title screen editing for ruby but I don't think it would work because I got a few objects dotted around. May I please try this method for ruby just it case it saves me because my title screen is more than 16 colors.
Thanks in advance
it's possible in the same kind of way for ruby but with different pallete offsets and different unzl.gba numbers I still need find the raw for the titlescreen for ruby.
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