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Originally Posted by nasonex
Anyways, may I ask if what is the name of the town/city?
Its called Fleetwood, but the Gym-type is my little secret D:

Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU
Stupid Scientist is stupid. They never tell the good news to their mates on MSN.
I thought it would have been a nice suprise ;P

Originally Posted by NiKaNoRoU
Finally, you have shown what you've been doing all along behind your desktop, huh? (yeah, not comment here, I saw this today the first time)

Everything about this is great, and geez, you kept the ows! these were my first sucessful overworlds! I'm feeling a bit iffy about them atm, but never mind, maybe if you also showed a scene with the backsprite/trainer card on <3

About tiles, you revamped everything? that's a lot of work, and it seems to have paid off. Great job, Mr.Anderson!
I <3 your OWs/ frontsprites/ backsprites, how could I ever replace them?

Yeah, the tiles are hard work, but I enjoy inserting them and the finished products look great imo - Thanks for stopping by, Agent Smith :D

------- (-o-) -------

Update: I'm mapping out the game's big forest (Frickle Forest), but I haven't progressed far enough to get some early screenshots due to the return of school which will be slowing down my progress God, I was getting so much stuff done at a cracking pace during the holidays. I've also added a fun script in Fleetwood that could result in you getting a rare Pokemon.
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