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Hello! Im from Thailand.
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    Thank you so much.

    Originally Posted by stinger123 View Post
    Thanks for replying . Since i've just become a hacker in scripting and raw stuff and yeah yesterday I dont know what you mean by raw I just follow tutorials :D. Anyways so its possible with ruby even 256 colors? But with different offsets and stuff. Is it hard to find the 'raw' for ruby because I can wait as long as you need, no rush. By the way I think I know the unlz - gba numbers for ruby (titlescreen bit) Number 78 or 79 for the whole titlescreen to replace without title and press start and bit later on there is the font and the roms name to replace.
    I am interested as well.
    If the emerald is great with it.
    *I may be strange expressions. Because I used google to translate.
    My English is not strength. (*๓*)
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