Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Lilac [Beta 1 Released!]
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Originally Posted by ~NeOn~ View Post
Hey! Nice hack!
Tiles and palettes very good, has a good harmony, nothing to complain about.
Actually, the hack in general it's all very well. I congratulate you.
I hope to see a script of the hack ^^
Thankyou very much for that - Nothing to complain about means that I must be doing something right :3

Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
BTW, can you darken the grass at Frickle Forest grass to match the dark
trees. It'll give it a more creepy look. :D

And also, you can put dead trees if you want too. BTW, just a suggestion. :P
Actually, I can't do either of them - If I change the palette for the grass, it will affect the pallete for the rest of the game as well. I've also reached the limit of tiles that I can use in the forest tile slot, so it is impossoble for me to insert anymore D:

Nice job with the Hack! I know you're working slowly but surely to
avoid certain bugs and glitches.. :D

Again good luck! I'm subscribing to this thread.. to show my ultimate
support! :D
More like I'll be progressing slowly becuase of school.

Thanks though :3
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