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Originally Posted by tomatoman View Post
Ok, no, that looks terrible. Heres an idea. Pegasus plus Rapidash. (with fire wings maybe)I have no idea what that was.
I think they was going towards a warior horse type pokemon?
(plus they said male alt) The pegasus route is to common and most wished. what your describing is already made. (like by fans) i think the concept that their trying is quite good

Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
Those aren't sprites it's crap that was made in MSPaint, notice how everyone else's fakemon has shading and lighting, a specific type of outline? Try and replicate it, and make sure you do GEN 4 style to match your game.
He's learning, no ones so good when the begin. The things that i notice is that it isnt in much of a pokemon style. concepts redo is good, but it also lacks the feel, but if you like that style it goes good. Also poeman, sprites are most commonly made in MSpaint. no fancy needed =]
Sure there shading and lighting aint the best, there aint much constrast between the colors too. (contact me, i might help if need.) the line art is nice and smooth, its a good start.

Worldmap: with some stuff moved aroun, and with change it the routes and shape i think the desert/snow could work. but i think it would be best in tile selection if you use part snow/ like its kinda melty but still there?

also to everyone complaining, the map is in a pokemon game, by no means if it is in the same map does it mean that they are close togather. Also in someplaces like mountain divides? (Washington lets say?) there is snow, like piles but ehen you go a little farther down the munntain on the east side it gets hotter. hope this gets clear. the geographical and climate i just describe is common as mountains, yadayada.

[longest comment i have ever wrote]
I wish you luck with this game.
so your using kyle/sinnoh?
hm im not sure if this is the great choice, but me im not a huge fan, they look great but common, lol.
the first town (if you stil using that desgin on page t2) you should just see a beach or something, those beach patches seem unplaced. (i understand in some cases it looks good like in real life, but here.)

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