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Chaizard★, please try not to post one-liners... >.<

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Wait, but in the new episode;
A Adjuchas (spelled wrong) defeated Harribel a Vasto Lorde

Umm, I think it's obvious that he became a Vasto Lorde since Hallibel attacked him in Las Noches.
He had a pretty humanoid body compared to when Hallibel slash his head.

Manga 416
Well I like the Weekly Jump page, it was colorful and that giant paint brush Ichigo was holding reminded me of a friend's zanpakuto.

The cover page is also very cool and vibrant.

Yay, Rangiku's alive!
Crap, Gin's pretty much dead!
Chaosong's probably gonna be mad...

It might just be the translator's fault, but I don't really understand what Aizen was babbling about as he took back the hogyoku.
Also, are we still not suppose to know what happened to Rangiku in the past, or is it just me?

Keigo has some prettu good endurance, I wonder if he has somewhat strong latent spiritual powers...

Yay, Ichigo's here! It looks like his hair grew a bit.
But the main thing to notice is that the chain on the end of Tensa Zangetsu grew and is now wrapped around Ichigo's arm.