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Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Sorry, my stupidity got the best of me D:

Gin is more of a man then I once thought D:

.. Saying that, is like..a middle finger to my face. D: Gin has always been a man. Back when Rangiku and Gin were orphans/homeless , Gin did all the hunting and gathering. :o Gin is not actually bad. >: He just wants to gain Aizen's trust, to betray him at the last moment, just so Rangiku wouldn't have to cry. D: How manly is that?

:o Speaking of Ichigo...does anyone think the Long-hair he has now (well, the longer hair) has to do with the 1000-year training? >: Think they're going to flash back what happened to Ichigo? xD and Isshin..:o He looks like he's unconscious. Isshin could had done something? >: