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    OMGOMGOMG First off, IN YOUR FACE, Bleach Wiki!!! Rangiku's not dead!!! XD

    But... Apparently Gin's motives were all for Rangiku...? Wow...
    I'm still not entirely sure what to make of this but... Could it be that Gin was just playing the bad guy role all along?
    All I know is that I'm a GinxRangiku supporter and I really hope he's not dead, for her sake. Even if he is still evil, which at this point I doubt. But still... Come on. If nothing else, I feel sorry for Shiro-chan's Lt. (I seem to have temporarily forgotten how to spell. XD) Damn... This chapter was epic.
    But the best part is that there's no more waiting for ICHIGO. XD I'm kinda glad that Kubo-sensei didn't make us wait forever for the Ichigo vs Aizen fight... But damn this is gonna be so EPIC!!! And does this mean that Tatsuki and the others will be able to see Ichigo fight??? Wonder how Mizuiro will take it... XD
    Heh, I figured out why it was Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro who were awake - they're the ones who secretly saw Ichigo, Chad and Uryu off to Hueco Mundo. I totally forgot about that until I re-read that part.
    And finally... "DEICIDE" is (apparently) over!!! It's a pretty damn cool word and all, but it's been like forever since it started so it's kinda about time. XD I'm just excited to see what's in store next!!! But ya know, the fact that "Deicide" and "Kamishini" (from Gin's bankai's name) have basically the same meaning, I have a feeling that Gin just might be dead...? But it could mean that his little fight vs. Aizen is over and that's all... After all, Ichigo, the MAIN CHARACTER just stepped onto the scene here... XD
    As for his fight against Zangetsu... I have a feeling it might be shown, at least in part, in a flashback... Just my thought on it. XD It'd be such a waste not to show it at all though...
    Ooh and did anyone else notice the epic coverpage and Ichigo "timeline" spread? EPIC.
    But wow. This chapter was... DEFINITELY worth the extra week.