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    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
    I didn't want Momo dead either ;_;

    Let's hope she's not.

    Originally Posted by ChaoSong View Post
    You're not the only one. =/ Ulquiorra was awesome. :o he dies because of Ichigo ; when he finally finds his humanity

    not seeing the oldest and strongest fire-based zanpaktou is going to suck T.T;
    I tend to feel kinda bad for the unfortunate bad guys when they die. Not Aizen or anyone like THAT but more along the lines of Harribel and Stark. And also anyone else who was kinda helpless if they didn't go the the bad side for whatever reason... Not only the espada but other characters like Amagai too. (I know he's a filler character but my point is characters like him are those I feel sorry for too.) I'm sorta half-and-half about Ulqui... I think when it comes to sympathy for bad guys in these past few arcs, it's in this order, with the top being who i am most sympathetic towards.


    i dont really feel sorry for the others at all... just my 2 cents here

    if u want a reasoning for why i feel sorry for them just let me know but if nobody wants to know then i wont waste my energy so tell me if u do.

    oh and this may be just my crazy imagination but during the stark/lilynette vs love, rose, kyoraku fight... his guns aka lilynette... the weapons... the pistols... somehow it made me think of death the kid. =O call me crazy but... XD

    yeah umm im super tired. even though i got normal sleep last night. =O
    well yeah im logging off for now. might be back later today, maybe not. depends on if i am awake. XD